Finding beauty in the timelessness of the old ways

Caribou Farmhouse is a place to come together of going back to slow living & admiring the ways and the traditions of homesteading. It's a place of appreciating the beauty of which those moments bring, whether that be a horizon where the sky and earth touch, the smell of a handed down recipe on an old paper note or picking through the garden just moments before a meal. We're laying our roots into these rustic grassland plains of the Cariboo and creating our modern pioneering story in a region rich in cowboying history. 


Welcome to Caribou Farmhouse & Acres

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    Tips for Trimming the Tree

    Six tips for trimming your Christmas tree this year

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    Salted Caramel Gift Idea

    What does salted caramel sauce *not* go on? ... asking for a friend. These are such a charmingly easy & simple gift idea

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    Hot Cocoa Bar Station

    Think hot cocoa bars are just for kids? Here's some tips for all adults to enjoy a delicious rich cup of hot cocoa.

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Kate Watson with Caribou Farmhouse & Acres


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